By clicking on the name, their Amazon author profile opens, displaying all available books.

E.K. Blair
Danielle Rocco
KC Lynn
Cynthia Rodrigues
Lesley Jones
L.H. Cosway
Staci Hart
Audrey Carlan
Aurora Rose Raynolds
S.C. Stephens
Carmen Jenner
Shayla Black/Shelley Bradley
Jay Crownover
Mia Asher
Eden Bradley
BB Easton
Monica Murphy
Ella James
Hadley Quinn
Penelope Douglas
L.J. Shen
Kat T. Masen
J.L. Perry
Raine Miller
Angel Payne
Jodi Drake
Gemma James
Monica James
Mary Elizabeth
Jay McLean
Victoria Blue

Please keep in mind that the author line-up is subject to change at any time. This is a multi-author event, featuring indie and traditionally published authors.

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